TOMS Veterans Start “Parks Project” Outfitter Co. Benefitting Our Nation’s Parks

Los Angeles, CA - March 25, 2014 – Inspired by their time at TOMS over the last four years, “Parks Project” is applying their experience to our nation’s parks, making U.S.-made apparel and accessories.

This Parks Project launch video makes you want to drop everything and go camping.

“We’re taking what we’ve learned from TOMS, like rallying supporters and creating impact with experts who know what they’re doing, and using it to help out the parks with a product we believe is well made, and creates a new community of citizens that take ownership of our public lands,” says Parks Project co-founder (and former apparel/accessories lead at TOMS) Sevag Kazanci.

Proceeds from each purchase go toward park volunteer programs – whether it’s the great outdoors or a local skatepark, the idea is to engage citizens emotionally and physically in these public spaces through their products.

The Parks Project team aren’t the only ones who think a new generation needs to reconnect with nature more: Dr. Stephen R. Kellert of Yale University writes that “Play in nature, particularly during the critical period of middle childhood, appears to be an especially important time for developing the capacities for creativity, problem-solving, and emotional and intellectual development."

For now, there are seven different parks to choose from, including the Grand Tetons, the Everglades, and Muir Woods, allowing people to represent their favorite parks while supporting them too.


About Parks Project

Parks Project™ is a clothing company on an adventure with a purpose, and everyone’s invited to join in. Every item sold helps Promote, Protect, and Preserve our nation’s parks, and all products are made with purpose in the U.S.A. Parks Project aims to inspire a new generation of park advocates while providing quality-made apparel.  Shop and learn more at – and celebrate your favorite #radparks.