Daniel Torok: Master Lensman – Parks Project

Daniel Torok

If its snapping a shot of Bieber on the red carpet or shooting Macklemore, I'd like to think Daniel Torok has seen it all in LA. But whats amazing is that the next day, he will be off in a car making his way to Death Valley National Park or Yosemite. Though we really want to share his shots of Bieber, we are gonna have to show you his amazing photos (ahem, yes b/w film photos folks) and a quick Q&A so you get to know more about this #parkchamp.

Q: How have you found your place in photography?

A: I will let you know when I have ;)

Q. Who were your influences growing up?

A: As a child my influences were JFK and Jerry Lee Lewis (not the best role models), however I never aspired to becoming a photographer or filmmaker. That was a more recent change. Actually a complete 180! While I was in the military I started working on music and a script. When I got out, I wanted to further pursue those creative hobbies.

Q: Who do you look to for inspiration nowadays?

A: Not who, but what. My biggest inspirations come from the natural beauty around the world and more specifically our national parks. The USA has a few of the most awe-inspiring locations in the world.

Q: What does conservation mean to you, and how does it come into play in your life as you get older?

A: It's funny, when you're young (at least a few decades ago) no one really cared about conservation (from what I saw in NYC). That is something this generation is taking very seriously at a young age...good on them! As we get older we see things change. Mainly less water, less trees, less real food, less fresh air, and a lot more people and pollution. What was once always there, now leads to overcrowding in our national forests and parks because people want to see stars or rivers. Conservation for me means that maybe we will have these necessities a little longer if we just try to. And by all means, trying isn't enough to take us long term. We need to do!

Q: Whats it like to shoot entertainment in LA then leave to shoot national parks?

A: Take a deep breath in. Close your eyes. Exhale slowly and relax.

Q: Which 3 people you bring on your next shoot, could be dead or alive?

A: John Muir (trail advice), Ansel Adams (photography advice), and ? I really don't know. Perhaps a family member I never got to meet.

Q: You travel a lot, how do you pass the time

A: I spend most of that time driving, sadly. I listen to the bible, some music, but mostly talk to myself and plan my next trip, haha. Sometimes the quietness of the open road is really all you need.

Q: Parting words on your hopes, dreams, aspirations

A: My hopes are that communities learn how to manage their recreation spaces and clean up after themselves. My dreams are to one day have a gallery show of my film images, and my aspirations are to help inspire a new generation of film photographers.


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