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Damasso Sanchez

Every quarter Parks Project collaborates with artists to put a unique spin on the typical national park tee. These creative contributions are part of the way we strive to use art for parks. We teamed up with Damasso Sanchez for our Skelly Series which includes four rad unisex t-shirts featuring Skelly taking on a few National Parks in style! Read on to learn about Damasso's take on the design process.

How would you describe your design aesthetic? 

Definitely on the “rougher” end of things... More focused on structure rather than a polished look.

Why did you want to design for Parks Project?

Besides the facts that I love the outdoors... Parks Project is an honest company with good taste and an even better message! And that stood out to me. 

Can you share a bit of information about each of the 4 designs?

This series of skeleton art for National Parks a FUN one to illustrate. The process was fun but what I really enjoyed was having to juxtapose two very unique subjects in the same piece.. Like seriously? Who Skis Death Valley? BMX-ing the Badlands? Shredding the Great Sand Dunes? Skating the Grand Canyon? I guess that’s the point!

What is your favorite national park? Any fun adventures/ stories to share?

Yosemite takes the cake for me. I’ve been there several times. I remember my uncle and I chasing a black bear out of a car once (don’t recommend it). It ran off with some snacks and bread. That was gnarly! We weren’t harassing it either, I guess it just knew it was time to bail!

Who do you look up to as an artist?
Pretty much anyone who takes advantage of their medium of choice. Artists like Ron English, Walt Disney, Ed Roth... Artists that created something with their talent!

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