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Dierks Bentley

Our good friend Dierks Bentley had the opportunity to visit Yosemite national park in the midst of his busy tour. He shared some thoughts on his incredible park experience as well as some rad photos. Check 'em out!

I love my job as a musician, but when I go on tour it’s a grind. Moving from city to city it can take a lot out of you, and my fans really drive me to go hard but I gotta break it up sometimes. Nothing like a little time at one of our great national parks to wipe the road grim and grease off of your brain. 

I had a chance to stop by Yosemite National Park the morning before our Reno show, after playing Fresno the night before. It took some reworking of the tour logistics, required a little extra effort and stole a little much needed sleep.  But was beyond worth it. Hiking the Mist Trail and seeing Vernal and Nevada falls raging left me and band feeling inspired and recharged.

We cant take for granted these spectacular places that give us all a place to reset and refuel. We are still on the road till September, but we’ve got this lifetime memory forever now. And it makes me think about how we are going to leave our parks for the next generation so they too can have these memories. Big thanks to all those who work so hard on behalf of our national park system to preserve these magical places.

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