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Kathleen Morton

Photographer Kathleen Morton adventured out to Grand Teton National Park and shared her list of top 5 must do's. If you are planning an trip out to Wyoming's national park read on to build out your perfect trip!


Best Kept Secret Camping Spot - Gros Ventre Campground

If you need a quiet spot to prepare your pack before the start of a backpacking trip, consider Gros Ventre Campground. It’s a less popular spot, but still has a beautiful view of the Tetons. While we were there for just one night, we saw a bull buffalo a few hundred yards from our tent. With the sun glittering on his back, he shook his head slowly to sprinkle water in his tracks. It was such a brief moment, as we didn't want to interrupt him basking in the sun, but it still felt like a long time to us and we just stared in amazement.

Parks Project x Kathleen Morton I Grand Teton

Most scenic lake - Phelps Lake

While everyone heads over to Jenny Lake to snap photos, skip the crowds and hike in about a mile to see Phelps Lake instead. Start at the Death Canyon Trailhead and in no time, you will be looking down at quite a sight. And most likely, you’ll be taking in the beauty on your own. Snag a backcountry permit and spend a night down by the lake to enjoy the wildlife and surrounding beauty.

Parks Project x Kathleen Morten I Grand Teton

Best Backpacking Trail - Death Canyon Loop

As you might have noticed, we’re all about the trails less traveled. Hike this trail to get a unique, majestic view of the Grand Tetons. You'll be traveling on and to less-traveled trails/campsites and get some the best views for sunrise/sunset photography. You’ll have several opportunities along the trail for photos, and they will all be beautiful.


Parks Project x Kathleen Morten I Grand Teton

Parks Project x Kathleen Morten I Grand Teton

Best Lookout - Death Canyon Shelf

While on the Death Canyon Loop backpacking trail, if you have time, you should summit Death Canyon Shelf. This is a hidden gem. There are several scattered remote campsites and the sunset/sunrise views are incredible. Stay up late or get up early to see an incredible view of the Tetons. Marmots and deer spend a lot of time here, and depending on what season it is, you might hear elk bugling in the morning.

Parks Project x Kathleen Morten I Grand Teton

Parks Project x Kathleen Morten I Grand Teton

Best Place to Catch the Wildflowers - Caribou-Targhee National Forest

Most people don’t know that surrounding the northwest side of Grand Teton National Park is Caribou-Targhee National Forest. Camping in national forest is free and could be a great alternative if you have dogs or want to save money on entrance fees into the park. But you can easily get the best of both worlds from inside the park. Take a trail that dips into national forest and you won’t be disappointed. The forest covers more than 3 million acres and stretches across southeastern Idaho, from the Montana, Utah, and Wyoming borders.

Parks Project x Kathleen Morten I Grand Teton

Parks Project x Kathleen Morten I Grand Teton

 Check out more of Kathleen's adventures at @tinyhousetinyfootprint


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