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Kevin Butler

TOPIC: Kevin Butler's Rad Art 

PROJECT: Getting Creative with Rad Parks 

The Parks Project crew consists of many creative folks. We love being inspired by musicians, artists, craftsmen, anyone with the passion to create awesome things with purpose. This fall, we partnered up with Kevin Butler who created the iconic “Rad Cars With Rad Surfboards on Them” series.   


Being such huge fans of the sketches, we worked with Kevin to draft up another take on this radcars concept called “Rad Trucks in Rad Parks.” Each car has a unique tie in with a corresponding park lifestyle, and that's illustrated in the window of each vehicle; clever indeed.   


All of the products we create tie into a story and support a project in the parks, we are using these tees to help fund the maintenance of National Park Service vehicles. We are so proud to introduce a limited edition capsule collection inspired by the rad truck story. 


  1. How did you originally pickup art and what drove you to focus on cars?

I can’t remember exactly what turned me onto art. I’ve been drawing since I was a kid. I have distant memories of going to work with my mom and spending my days in an empty conference room with a stack of paper and a bunch of markers. It’s something i’ve always done. 


Growing up my dad had a hobby / side business restoring old cars. I knew the difference between a 55,56,57 chevy before i could count to ten. So i think Cars are just engrained into my psyche. I can draw most of them from memory. 




  1. Could you share a little bit about how this project came into fruition? 

The Parks Project guys saw my radcarswithradsurfboards project and approached me about doing a version with Parks in mind. After hearing about their project and what they were trying to do, I was down. 




  1. For each of the cars, what did you do to get inspiration or draft a story behind the sketch? 

I pretty much just looked at a bunch of landscape photography from each of the specific parks and I just imagined what car belongs there. I sort of thought, If I lived in this park what would I drive? 



  1. If you had to drive one of these cars down hollywood blvd, which one would it be and with which celebrity in the passenger seat?

Since Santa Monica mountains are the closest park to Hollywood The VW Truck seems the most appropriate. Also because I have always wanted one of those. Celeb in the passenger seat? Hmmm… Feel like it’d be fun to cruise around with Jeff Bridges with Creedence playing.  




  1. Do these all have v8 engines in your mind? Or does that buggy have a v12? Might that wagoneer (if it were diesel) be a veggie oil convert?

I’ve always assumed they had stock engines in them. But since you mention it. Maybe they should all be electric? 


  1. Do you have a favorite park out there and/or one that you would like to visit someday?

I love Yosemite. Can’t wait till my son is old enough to go camp in an old VW Westy. As a kid my family and I used to go to Yellowstone during christmas. We’d ride snowmobiles into the park. See buffalo, elk. Watch Old Faithful Erupt. I have amazing memories from those trips. One day I hope to replicate it with my family. 


  1. Any final words, bits of enlightenment on conservation or inspiration for all our parks project ambassadors? (be it a small neighborhood park, skatepark, or national park we are trying to get folks to take care of these places and use apparel to support that mission)

I worry that people won’t know how important they are until they are gone. Sort of an "Absence makes the heart grow fonder”, thing. The problem is, once they are gone. They’re gone.That thought it scary, especially once you have a kid and start thinking about the world he has been born into and how it will change in his lifetime. So, I think what you guys are doing is hugely important. Reminding people not only that they exist, but that they need to be taken care of. 

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