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You're a Park Champ!

You're a Park Champ! Tell Zinke: Protect Our National Monuments

On April 26, 2017, President Trump signed an Executive Order instructing the Department of the Interior to review national monuments designated under the Antiquities Act since 1996 that are larger than 100,000 acres in size, or where Interior Secretary Zinke determines the designation was made without adequate public outreach or support.

Questioning the value of our public lands is unacceptable. They tell the stories of our diverse history and wild lands; they protect magnificent landscapes like the deserts of Castle Mountains in California and the countless Native American artifacts at sites like Bears Ears in Utah. Learn More

Bears Ears I Park Champ

(Bears Ears National Monument, Utah. Photo Credit: Morgan Rachel Levy)

Send a message to Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke. Urge him to protect the lands that our communities hold so dear and guarantee full protection for these national monuments and all our public lands.

It is important to note:

  1. The national monuments under review have provided numerous benefits to the surrounding communities, including economic benefits associated with outdoor recreation, travel and tourism
  2. Net job loss due to monument designations is demonstrably false. In fact, monument designations have clearly resulted in net job gains in local communities
  3. Protection of America’s public lands, including the national monuments under review, are critical to supporting 7.6 million American jobs that drive and $887 billion outdoor recreation economy.
  4. Revisions to already designated national monuments is a direct threat to the surrounding local economies and to the vitality of those communities. 

To send a message, please visit the National Parks Conservancy Association here.




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