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My Top 5: Everglades National Park by Daniel Madrigal

TOPIC: Experiencing the Everglades
PROJECT: Top 5 by Photographer Daniel Madrigal (@Danielericmadrigal)

Where to watch the best sunrise - Rodgers River

50 miles from the closest marina, this sunrise at Rodgers River is one of the most amazing experiences of my life. The calm waters just lit up with an explosion of colors and it seemed like the water was on fire. 

Parks Project x Daniel Madrigal I Everglades

 Where to see the best Wildlife - Flamingo

Hang around Flamingo and you are guaranteed to see Manatees, osprey, alligators, crocodiles, Dolphins, and dozens of different birds. At low tide thousands of birds congregate on the low banks and it is truly a sight to behold. Another great spot is the Anhinga Trail.

Parks Project x Daniel Madrigal I Everglades

 Best camp site - Highland Beach

A couple of days paddling will get you to Highland Beach. It is an untouched and unspoiled stretch of sand you will surely have it to yourself. 

Parks Project x Daniel Madrigal I Everglades

Best Overnight Trip - Hell's Bay

Hell's Bay was the first camping trip I ever did. They named it that with good reason, "hell to get in, hell to get out." Follow the marked trail through mangrove tunnels and mazes until you finally enter some bigger lakes where the chickee is situated. Look out for dolphin pods, and alligators. 

Parks Project x Daniel Madrigal I Everglades

Best week - Wilderness Waterway

The best week in the Everglades, and quite possibly the best week ever, is to do the 100 mile Wilderness Waterway. Start in the Flamingo and end in Everglades city 7 days later. There is an actual marked trail but it is mostly used by speeding boats. The funnest part of this trip is choosing your own path amongst the seemingly endless possibilities. Rivers, mangroves, bays, beaches, and islands are all at your fingertips. You will see thousands of birds, manatees, Dolphins, gators, and most likely not another soul. I went 4 days without seeing another human being in the middle part of this paddle. If you are looking for an adventure or absolute solitude, this is the trip for you. 

Parks Project x Daniel Madrigal I Everglades


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