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We support projects in our National Parks all over the USA. By partnering with local park conservancies (people with their boots on the ground), we're helping to fund the most important projects in each park. And our list keeps growing! We have a 10 year goal of funding 100 different projects in our parklands. 

Right now, we support 4 different categories of projects:

Our park ecosystems are fragile, and due to human impact, they're threatened in many of our favorite outdoor spaces. We're helping to stop and reverse the human impact on park environments by supporting the removal of invasive species, planting native species, and educating people on the importance of conservation.

It's incredible that visitation continues to grow in our National Parks, but it takes a toll on our park infrastructure. We help to fund visitor programs in parks where trails, campgrounds, and roadways are heavily used. These projects may help restore trails (making parks more accessible), clean up campgrounds, and even help to fund volunteer initiatives in heavily visited parks.

Park ecosystems also rely on a healthy wildlife population. That means ensuring that wildlife stays wild, and that animals are protected and healthy. Projects include building bear boxes to keep bears wild, helping volunteer organizations that clean up unsecured food, and monitor the health of animals in our parks.

The youth are our future park stewards, and we think it's pretty darn vital to educate them about the importance (and incredibleness) of our parklands. Getting young people involved in the preservation of our parks will determine the future of these spaces. We support projects that allow inner city kids to experience the great outdoors (often for the first time in their lives), teach young people about park preservation, and give kids the opportunity to learn important outdoor skills.

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