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Great Smoky Mountains National Park // Est. June 15, 1934

TOPIC:  Wildlife Conservation

PROJECT: International Human - Bear Conflict Workshop 

PURPOSE: Sales from the Great Smoky Mountains Collection support the International Human-Bear Conflicts Workshop. Park Wildlife Staff are co-hosting this conference in Spring 2018. They are bringing over 300 scientists, managers and educators from around the world to work together and determine how we can better manage bear populations in heavily populated areas.

PARTNER: Friends of the Smokies





There are approximately 1,500 bears in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. That's about 2 bears per square mile! With so many bears around it's important that those educated in the field work together to determine how we can better manage bear populations in heavily populated areas. That is where the International Human-Bear Workshop comes in!

For the past four years human-bear conflict specialists and community organizers have come together each year to share their experiences and successes in reducing human-bear conflicts on public lands. The 5th workshop will take place in March of this year in the Great Smokies Mountains with a focus on black bears.

The workshop's format is designed to encourage everyone to participate as well as provide opportunities for interaction with professional and community human-bear conflict specialists. Those in attendance will include field biologists, technicians, wildlife managers, conservation offers and community organizers. Parks Project is proud to support this workshop with proceeds from our Great Smoky apparel sales. 
Friends of the Smokies

Friends of the Smokies

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