Shenandoah National Park Shenandoah National Park

24 Mar , 2017

Shenandoah National Park </div>
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Shenandoah National Park // Est. December 1935

TOPIC: Habitat Restoration

PROJECT: Edge Fund

PURPOSE: With every Shenandoah product sold, we make a donation to fund the Edge fund which is an initiative to ensure non native species aren't intruding into the park. In order to maintain the natural and pristine environment, volunteers work hard to monitor and take action around the entire park border. For every batch of 100 products sold from the Shenandoah Collection, 10 ash trees will be  protected by the Shenandoah National Park Trust.

As of July 1, 2017 we have protected 33 ash plants with proceeds from our Shenandoah collection sales.

PARTNER: Shenandoah National Park Trust


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