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Yosemite National Park | Parks Project

Yosemite National Park // Est. October 1, 1890

TOPIC:  Visitor Programs

PROJECT: Access & Maintenance

PURPOSE:  The trails are the gateway to Yosemite’s wilderness, and with over 800 miles, that’s a lot to maintain. The Yosemite tee supports enhancing the visitor experience and helps preserve the parks’ trails for years to come with 50 tees sold equating to 50 meters of trail restored.

As of July 1, 2017 we have restored 5,699 meters of trail with the proceeds from our Yosemite products.

PARTNER: Yosemite Conservancy



Project Update August 21, 2017

Whether you’re taking a quiet walk among the majestic giant sequoias, climbing through the spray beside a world-renowned waterfall or trekking over mountain passes, trails are the best way to experience Yosemite’s breathtaking landscape. With support from Yosemite Conservancy and Parks Project, Yosemite’s crews are keeping the park’s 800-mile trail network in top condition through restoration projects that protect natural resources and provide safe access to serene spots and stunning scenery.

A range of factors, including foot traffic and natural events such as rockfalls and harsh weather, cause wear and damage on Yosemite’s trails. In 2017, two California Conservation Corps (CCC) crews are spending five and a half months restoring and repairing trails in the Merced and Tuolumne watersheds. The crew members, who are in their late teens and early 20s, arrived in Yosemite in late April and have since completed essential maintenance to open up more than 30 miles of popular park trails, including the Valley Loop Trail, Tenaya Zig-Zags, Four Mile Trail, Mist Trail, Wapama Falls Trail, Cottonwood Meadow Trail and Baseline Trail.

With a month to go, the CCC crews are hard at work on restoration projects on backcountry trails. They’re building stone steps, clearing brush, restoring retaining walls and eliminating social trails to ensure safe access for visitors while protecting the park’s delicate ecosystems. If you’re hiking in the backcountry around Illilouette Creek, Lost Valley or Virginia Canyon, keep an eye out for the crews in action!

Thanks to Parks Project and other Yosemite Conservancy donors, we are able to support crucial restoration work and ensure that future generations of park visitors will be able to explore Yosemite safely and sustainably.

Parks Project I Yosemite project update


Parks Project I Yosemite Project update


Parks Project I Yosemite project update


Parks Project I Yosemite project update


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