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By Ashlee Ann

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Where to stay

Get ready to call it a night in one of the best places in the park.

Moab RV & Campground

We stayed at Moab RV & Campground while visiting Canyonlands National Park in April. They have tiny little pet-friendly cabins that worked great for our week long visit & saved half the cost of staying in a hotel.


Where to hike

Sometimes the best views take a bit of work.

Mesa Arch

One of our favorite hikes in Canyonlands was to Mesa Arch. We left in the dark to make it by sunrise and it was a short and easy hike with a huge pay-off at the end.

Where to enjoy a cold one

Because we both know that you deserve a reward after a strenuous hike, so always pack a cold one.

Moab Coffee Roasters

If you’re a coffee lover staying in Moab and are looking for a good place to grab a early drink, Moab Coffee Roasters came highly recommended. We got ours to go and headed out for a day of hiking!  

Where to refuel

Eating & drinking is just as important as camping & hiking.

Spoke on Center

The Spoke on Center has some amazing pulled pork sandwiches and was a great place to grab a drink after a long day of hiking. With a fun atmosphere and casual dining we will definitely be back for some more good dinner and dessert.

Must-see landmark

If you're only gonna see one thing while you're here, make it this thing.

Mesa Arch

Mesa Arch is such a unique landmark that hugs the cliffside. A friend recommended staying once all the photographers have left after sunrise and the entire arch just glowed a beautiful orange color. A must see if you’re ever in the area.


Selfie spot

You didn't actually visit the park if you didn't get a selfie in front of something iconic ;)

Helicopter Tour

The best selfie spot hands-down was our view from the sky. Our Pinnacle helicopters Cayonland’s Tour was one of the coolest experiences we were able to do and the views of the landscape from above are stunning. A great way to view the Park.

Where to see sunrise/sunset

If you're gonna visit a park, always make time in your agenda for sunrise & sunset!

Green River Overlook

Green River Overlook at sunset is for sure to be an unforgettable experience. You can see the Green River cutting through the desert landscape and the whole place glows about 10 min before the sun goes down. Breathtaking!

Radical Activity

Every park has a somethin' radical to get yourself into.


If you want to take the back way from Moab to Canyonlands National Park and are up for some off-roading, Long Canyon Trail is the place to go. We took this trail by accident and it was one of the coolest places I’ve taken the truck to date. There’s a giant rock that has fallen over the trail that you get to drive under as well!

Secret Spot

Shh! Don't tell too many people, but here's the insider's favorite place.

Green River Overlook

If you’re visiting Green River overlook, walk around a little and explore further to the right. There are far less people the further out from the parking lot you go!

Quintessential Scenic Drive

When your legs start to give out from hiking, hop in your car and go for a drive!  

Onion Creek

Onion Creek offroad trail was a great scenic drive. You get to cross tons of little creek crossings and the views from within the canyon is unreal!

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