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TOP 10: Lake Tahoe
By: Leslie Carvitto

Name: Leslie Carvitto // @lcarvitto
Age: 29
Location: Seattle, WA
Occupation: Photographer & Writer

Where to stay

Get ready to call it a night in one of the best places in Tahoe.

North Shore, Tahoe

I recommend one of the town's on the North Shore because they possess a more laid back vibe than the flashy, casino crowded South Shore area. Kings Beach, Tahoe Vista, Incline Village and Carnelian Bare are a few small towns (and I mean small, like population 50 small) to check out with a variety of lodging options including hotels, motels, airbnb's and vacation rentals.

Where to enjoy a cold one

Because we both know that you deserve a reward after a strenuous hike.


A great restaurant overlooking the lake, Garwoods is well known for their signature cocktail "Wet Woody". What exactly is this drink? A potent mixture of rum, schnapps and tropical fruit juices all blended into a slushy like drink. One drink is enough to give you a brain freeze and a buzz,

Must-see landmark

If you're only gonna see one thing while you're here, make it this thing.

Emerald Bay

Whether you want to lounge at the beach all day, hike through the alpine wilderness, or take a tour of the Vikingsholm Castle, an excersion to Emerald Bay is a must when visiting Tahoe.

Where to see sunrise/sunset

If you're gonna visit a park, always make time in your agenda for sunrise & sunset!

Commons Beach, Tahoe City

The four acre park is close to town, but boasts a large lakefront grass and sand area. Once the sun is up, walk to the long standing Rosie's cafe for breakfast.

Pro Tip

Make the most out of your trip with this tid bit of insider info!

Avoid peak season

Summertime at the lake is incredibly busy. If possible, try scheduling your trip later in the season (late August) after school has started and summer vacations are over.

Where to hike

Sometimes the best views take a bit of work.

Mt. Rose Summit

At 10,766 feet, the summit of Mt Rose is the second tallest mountain in Lake Tahoe Basin. It is a well graded and maintained loop trail with approximately 1,800 feet of elevation gain and a total of 10.4 miles. On the way up you'll pass rich meadows with wildflowers and waterfalls. Once at the top, you'll be rewarded with gorgeous views in all directions; Lake Tahoe, the Sierra Nevada Range and the Washoe Valley. * Want a cahllenge? Try trail running to the top!

Where to refuel

Eating & drinking is just as important as camping & hiking.

Lunch at Sunnyside

Sunnyside restaurant overlooks the west shore of Lake Tahoe. Grab a seat outside (get there early because they are ALWAYS packed) and enjoy spectactular views as you sip on a cocktail and devour beer battered tacos or one of their famous burgers with shoestring fries.


Selfie spot

You didn't actually visit the park if you didn't get a selfie in front of something iconic ;)

The top of Cave Rock

A short hike/ scramble off of Highway 50 brings you to impeccable views of the entire Lake.

Radical Activity

Every park has a somethin' radical to get yourself into.

Anything on the water!

Wakeboarding, skiiing, SUP, kayaking, a hot air balloon ride, jet-skiiing, parasailing.. the activities are endless!

Quintessential Scenic Drive

When your legs start to give out from hiking, hop in your car and go for a drive!

US Highway 89

Take this road from Tahoe City going North to Emerald Bay

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