Lands End Volunteer Day – Parks Project

Lands End

PROJECT: Habitat Restoration along the San Francisco Coast

Lands End Volunteer Day | Parks Project

The Parks Trail Crew (and some rad volunteers) joined the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy for a day of Habitat restoration. We helped restore the unique San Francisco coastal habitat at Lands End, Fort Funston, and along the Presidio coastal bluffs.

It was supposed to rain all day, but thankfully the weather held off! We worked with 18 volunteers and 6 Golden Gate National Park Conservancy employees through the Land End area of San Fransisco clearing non native plants and weeds. Together, we cleared over 30 bags of weeds from the area!

Since 2006, volunteers have planted more than 100,000 plants, but we can't stop there. Plenty of work remains to be done to restore and maintain the native coastal ecosystems of San Francisco. Check out some of the work we did! Can't wait to get back out there!

Parks Project Lands End Volunteer Day

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