Muir Woods Volunteer Day – Parks Project

Muir Woods

PROJECT: Trail Restoration Day at Muir Woods National Monument  

In Brief: Parks Project teamed up with the best shop in the bay, Prooflab, and an awesome non-profit, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy to get ‘er dun for hours of hard work (& fun) in Muir Woods. Our volunteers hauled 10 yards of red shale material with wheelbarrows and shovels. (1 yard weighs approximately 1 ton or 2,000lbs) So, our volunteers on Saturday moved 20,000lbs of material onto the Redwood Creek Trail! This Trail is now more accessible for the 1.2 million visitors who walk the trail every year. Those with baby strollers, wheelchairs, bicycles, etc. can now more safely traverse the trail to admire the magnificent redwoods that live in Muir Woods National Monument. Lets all work to leave it better than we found it, cheers.

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