San Gabriel Mountains Volunteer Day – Parks Project

San Gabriel Mountains

PROJECT: Reforestation in the San Gabriel Mountains

This weekend the Parks Project Team joined the National Forest Service in the San Gabriel Mountains to plant Jeffrey Pines in the highland watershed. Over the course of the morning we were able to plant 150 saplings that will create a tree lined area that will eventually become a camping/picnicking area.  More visitors means more support for the park, and we do promote healthy parks = healthy people. 

Reforestation is the natural or intentional restocking of existing forests and woodlands that have been depleted, and in this case the pine trees area a critical component in holding the hillside together and balancing the areas water table. Though southern California is experiencing a massive drought, this watershed provides 75% of the surrounding valley’s water.   

We wrapped up the afternoon with cold ones and BBQ sandwiches, solid finish. Big shout out to all the awesome folks that came out to support our #radparks! Til next time. . .

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