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NOVEMBER 11, 2016
Santa Ynez Canyon, Los Angeles, CA
November 11, 2016

“If only 1% of Los Angeles citizens got out and volunteered to support our trails, we would have the best trail system in the world.” – Dale, California State Parks Volunteer Coordinator

There are only 3 staff in the entire Santa Monica Mountains area that are tasked to maintain 400 miles of trail. Are they set up for failure due to the impossibility of the job? Yep. That’s where volunteers come into play. Volunteers are incredibly instrumental in keeping the trails that we all enjoy open and available for use.

On November 11, 2016, Parks Project trail crew collaborated with students from LMU and friends from Think LA to join the Sierra Club Santa Monica Mountains Task Force in restoring trail in the Santa Monica mountain range. Santa Ynez Canyon is tucked into the hills of Topanga State Park, and offers some spectacular single track trails back into the mountains.




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