Baldwin Hills State Park Volunteer Day – Parks Project

Baldwin Hills State Park

PROJECT: Habitat Restoration at Baldwin Hills State Park  

We joined the California State Parks Foundation in their Park Champions initiative to get some work done in our parks. This is a statewide program across 25 parks that are in most need of support. And, if you can believe it, there are 280 parks in the golden state which is the largest state park system in the USA.  

Not to be the bearer of bad news but for the last 10 years budget cuts have been chipping away at our state parks system and for many parks like Baldwin Hills, that means operating with less staff and on reduced hours, bummer!  So, Parks Project was able to swoop in and support a habitat restoration program that is part of an ongoing initiative to restore the parks to their natural state. 

Removing non-native species, like these listed below, and planting native California plants in their local habitat is important for park preservation, and we gotta all pitch in to take care of these amazing places! As a group we were able to cover a whole hillside and take out a few tobacco trees, tons of mustard weeds, and lots of fennel brush. An extra special thanks to our friends at the Common Marketplace for coming out, we look forward to seeing you out there next time. 

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