Parks Project takes the concept of giving back to nature and applies a dash of environmental social enterprise. As a for profit business, we use the sale of an array of apparel and accessories to connect consumers with park conservancies. Each product purchased contributes directly to one of over 30 different conservancies across the USA, providing vital funding for the ongoing care of National Parks.

Whether it’s supporting bear conservation in Denali or trail restorations in Muir Woods, we make quality goods with purpose to fund and promote projects that restore our nations parks.  As we grow, so will our list of parks, scope of projects, and overall impact.  

We’ve just gotten started, and over the past year alone we’ve contributed hundreds of volunteer hours and influenced how hundreds of thousands of people look at their relationship with the outdoors. This is just the beginning - we have a ten-year goal of funding 100 projects and generating 100,000 volunteer hours while reinvigorating passion for our parks. See the complete list of projects HERE!



A few years ago we signed up to volunteer in the parks, figuring a little hard work in one of our favorite places with some like-minded folks would be a good way to spend a day.  When we arrived, the only other people there were a few spirited and hard working older folks. And it was the same when we returned the next time, and the next, until we thought, “Oh dang, has our generation forgotten about the parks? With all the time we spend chasing the newest thing or #hashtag, have we forgotten about the treasures we already own?”  We had to do something about this...

And during our time volunteering with park staff, we learned about all the unique projects that needed funding, advocacy and support. Out of that need and our love for the parks, the idea for Parks Project was born. Inspired by our time at TOMS, we made a plan to apply a smart give back model by selling collections of park goods that in turn directly fund backlogged projects in the parks. And none of that park product out there in the marketplace was fashionable or quality made. We knew we could raise the bar. Now we have over 30 ongoing park projects across the nation, and have become an official licensee and business partner to the National Parks.


   CO FOUNDER: Keith Eshelman is a family guy who thinks our generation can impact the way we all look at our parks for the next generation. He finds time on the weekends to get out and do trail days, living the "leave it better than you found it" mantra. Connecting relationships with park groups and always learning more about how Parks Project can drive impact.
















   CO FOUNDER: Aside from being an incredible DJ and music man, Sevag Kazanci is a true craftsman and a creator of objects (like axes), accessories, and apparel. When you buy a Parks Project item, just think his intense attention to detail has gone into making these quality goods. Crafted in America, with pride, by this awesome dude.













Becoming emotionally and physically invested in our nations parks is the most effective way to implement park conservation.  We energize citizens to take ownership of our public lands. That is the pure purpose of our business and what inspired us to create a collection of outfitter influenced apparel and accessories. And we encourage folks to engage in volunteering for the betterment of the parks. To learn more CLICK HERE