1. Get educated and become an ambassador, advocate and agent for park programs. NPCA NEWS
  2. Use social media to share stories, become a parks promoter. FACEBOOK - INSTAGRAM
  3. Wear and use products that promote our parks to broadcast your support. PARKS PROJECT SHOP


  1. Write a letter to policy makers to take action toward protecting our parks. TAKE ACTION
  2. Make a donation to financially support our parks facing budget crisis. SUPPORT
  3. Join a park conservation group and get involved. CONSERVATION


  1. Volunteer to assist in conservation of rivers, trails, open spaces and outdoor recreation places. VOLUNTEER
  2. Practice a “leave no trace” policy when visiting parks; lets leave them better than we found them. NPS POLICY
  3. Buy products that take into consideration the habitat around us and support organizations protecting our parks. PARKS PROJECT SHOP


We collaborate with park service teams to promote volunteer days and participate in cleanups, trail restorations, invasive plant removals, tree planting, and trail clearings. Our products allow us the opportunity to hold our commitment to these special places.

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01. drag this flyer to your desktop.

02. click through to http://www.nps.gov/getinvolved/volunteer.htm

03. select "National Park Service" as the agency in their Volunteer Opportunities search engine.

04. reach out to the volunteer coordinator contact to let them know your group plans to help out.

05. fill out the flier with pertinent information and use it to promote your day of service.

06. distribute the flier via social media to your network.

07. get your RSVP's 3 days prior and communicate the size of your group to the Park volunteer coordinator.

08. hit the park, sign the NPS legal waivers as they are the hosts, and with the direction of the NPS enjoy a kick ass volunteer day in the outdoors (don't forget those cold beverages for after the hard work...)

09. rinse and repeat :)

10. send your pics to Parks Project so we can highlight the awesome work you did in our Field Notes!