LOCATION: Acadia National Park // Est. July 8, 1916

TOPIC:  Habitat Restoration

PROJECT: Wild Gardens

PURPOSE: With every item sold we make a donation to support the Wild Gardens Initiative. The Gardens are created and maintained by volunteers, along with a head gardener sponsored by Friends of Acadia.  They plant, study, collect, propagate, and label over 400 native species to ensure the park habitat stays wild.

PARTNER: Friends of Acadia

LOCATION: Arches National Park

TOPIC: Youth Programs

PROJECT: Urban Youth in Utah Parks

PURPOSE: We collaborate with Friends of Arches, the park non profit, to support the youth camp emphasizing underserved urban high school age youth who have not been to a national park. Each batch of 150 products sold funds a busload of kids to get out and experience the park. This camp focuses on outdoor education, service projects and discussions with various land managers and outfitters on potential job opportunities in natural resource management, engaging and educating the next generation of park stewards!

PARTNER: Friends of Arches

LOCATION: Big Bend National Park // Est. June 12, 1944

TOPIC:  Habitat Restoration


PURPOSE: This collection supports trail rehabilitation and restoration across the park, with 50 tees sold equating to 50 meters of trail restored. In the off season, park teams and Civilian Conservation Corps engage in repairing many of the trail networks across the park.

PARTNER: Friends of Big Bend

LOCATION: Channel Islands National Park // Est. March 5, 1980

TOPIC:  Wildlife Conservation

PROJECT: Island Research Programs

PURPOSE: This collection supports non-native plant removal and revegetation projects in the park. Every 50 tees sold funds the clearing of 100 square feet of invasive plants. This unique natural California habitat is home to many rare and endangered species.

PARTNER: Channel Islands Restoration

LOCATION: Denali National Park // Est. February 26, 1917

TOPIC: Wildlife Conservation

PROECT: Bear Canisters

PURPOSE: With every 50 Denali National Park items sold, we fund the purchase of one bear proof canister for backpackers to use while visiting the park. This addresses a current problem in the park and keeps Grizzlies from eating human food near campsites. They should be eating wild salmon out of the rivers not your trailmix!

PARTNER: Alaska Geographic

LOCATION: Everglades National Park // Est. December 6, 1947

TOPIC: Wildlife Conservation

PROJECT: Save the Gators

PURPOSE: With every 5 Everglades items sold, we help fund the removal of 2 non-native invasive species that are affecting the gator population in the park. Though some may enjoy seeing exotic snakes, fish and other wildlife, these are impacting the native wildlife’s survival in the park, and we want to preserve it for generations to come!

PARTNER: South Florida National Parks Trust

LOCATION: Glacier National Park // Est. May 11, 1910

TOPIC:  Wildlife Conservation

PROJECT: Bear Boxes

PURPOSE: Each batch of 1000 tees sold helps fund the purchase of a durable and sturdy bear box in Glacier National Park. Officials are expanding the bear box program in picnic areas and to backcountry campsites to ensure bears don’t become dependent on visitors for food. Remember, don’t feed the bears!

PARTNER: Glacier Conservancy

LOCATION: Grand Canyon National Park // Est. February 26, 1919

TOPIC:  Visitor Programs

PROJECT: Cultural and Historical Programs

PURPOSE: This tee supports educational programs like the Field Institute as well as volunteer programs, which will ensure amazing experiences for visitors.  With every visitor learning more about the park, we can maintain this magnificent place and share its wonder with many others for years to come.

PARTNER: Grand Canyon Association

LOCATION: Grand Teton National Park // Est. February 26, 1929

TOPIC: Wildlife Conservation

PROJECT: Wildlife Brigade Program

PURPOSE: With every Grand Teton item sold, we make a donation to support equipping the Wildlife Brigade. This valuable group of volunteers manages roadside “wildlife jams,” patrols picnic areas for unsecured food, and shares educational information with visitors. By funding resources for topnotch volunteer training and everyday equipment needs, we can ensure the Brigade’s effective operation year after year.

PARTNER: Grand Teton National Park Foundation


LOCATION: Great Smoky Mountains National Park // Est. June 15, 1934

TOPIC:  Wildlife Conservation

PROJECT: Appalachian Bear

PURPOSE:  This tee supports Appalachian Bear Rescue. Each year a number of orphaned or injured Park bears are treated and housed in the nonprofit ABR center in Townsend until they can be released back into the Park. Prior to the creation of ABR, most of these animals were euthanized. When we sell 3000 tees, we fund the rescue of one bear and cover the costs from "rescue to release".

PARTNER: Friends of the Smokies

LOCATION: Joshua Tree National Park // Est. October 31, 1994

TOPIC:  Habitat Restoration

PROJECT: Restoring Native Species

PURPOSE: With every 5 tees sold, together we support the planting of 2 additional Joshua trees in the park. Unfortunately the current population is struggling to survive. Climate change is taking an enormous toll, and the 2015 drought has hastened the decline of a species that is regarded as the symbol of California deserts.

PARTNER: Joshua Tree National Park Association

LOCATION: Mount Hood National Forest

TOPIC: Habitat Restoration

PROJECT: Planting Cedar Pines

PURPOSE: Each 5 tees sold funds the planting of one cedar tree in the forest.  Humans have had great impact on these lands, and reforestation is a priority to restore the natural habitat. The reforestation will also reduce erosion which is impacting the waterways and fish that live in them too.

Partner: www.nationalforests.org

LOCATION: Muir Woods National Monument // Est. January 9, 1908

TOPIC:  Habitat Restoration

PROJECT:  Restoring Native Species

PURPOSE: With every Muir Woods item sold, we make a donation to support the cultivation and care of one native plant. These plants are grown in Conservancy nurseries and planted at restoration sites by community volunteers creating habitat corridors for rare, threatened, and endangered species.

PARTNER: Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

LOCATION: Olympic National Park // Est. June 29, 1938

TOPIC:  Habitat Restoration

PROJECT: Elwha Valley

PURPOSE: With every tee sold, we make a donation to Washington’s National Park Fund that supports wildlife restoration in the Elwha Valley. This is part of a two-year monitoring program that helps examine wildlife recolonization of the Glines Canyon lakebed. 

PARTNER: Washington’s National Park Fund

LOCATION: Point Reyes National Seashore // Est. September 13, 1962

TOPIC:  Community Engagement

PROJECT: Volunteer Days

PURPOSE: When we sell batches of 50 Point Reyes tees, we are able to support one volunteer day with PRNSA. These trail days engage the community in caring for the park and help leave it better for future generations to come. There is close to 150 miles of trail in the park so there's alot of work to do!

PARTNER: Point Reyes National Seashore Association

LOCATION: Mount Rainier National Park

PROJECT: Youth Education

PURPOSE: Each batch of units 100 sold of the Rainier Collection fund one scout group to become park stewards. This initiative is connecting urban youth organizations to Mount Rainier through service learning and stewardship. This program trains groups of urban girl scouts to serve as “Squirrel Scouts” – educating visitors about the negative impacts of feeding animals.

PARTNER: http://wnpf.org

LOCATION: Rocky Mountain National Park // Est. January 26, 1915

TOPIC:  Habitat Restoration

PROJECT: Resource Conservation

PURPOSE: Our Rocky Mountain tees help fund the hard work of the conservation corps. The program provides a service-learning experience for college students interested in natural resource conservation.  Funds raised go to equipment and supplies for crewmembers, where 75 tees equates to outfitting one conservation corps crewmember.

PARTNER: Rocky Mountain Conservancy

LOCATION: Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area // Est. November 10, 1978

TOPIC: Youth Education

PROJECT: Future Park Stewards

PURPOSE: With every 100 Santa Monica Mountains tees sold, we help fund and organize a busload of inner city kids to visit this recreation area for the first time. Exposing Angelinos to their backyard outdoor playground is important so the park can continue to get visitors and conservation support.

PARTNER: Santa Monica Mountains Fund

LOCATION: Shenandoah National Park

TOPIC: Habitat Restoration

PROJECT: Edge Fund

PURPOSE: With every Shenandoah product sold, we make a donation to fund the Edge fund which is an initiative to ensure non native species aren't intruding into the park. In order to maintain the natural and pristine environment, volunteers work hard to monitor and take action around the entire park border.

PARTNER: Shenandoah National Park Trust

LOCATION: Tahoe National Forest // Est. October 3, 1905

TOPIC: Youth Education

PROJECT: Youth Backcountry Camps

PURPOSE: Sales of the Tahoe National Forest Collection support Tahoe Rim Trail Association's Youth Backcountry camper scholarship program. This program takes disadvantaged youth from various socio-economic backgrounds into the backcountry of the Tahoe National Forest for a 4 day/ 3 night camping trip. Through this program TRTA is able to grow the future generation of environmental stewards and teach them the importance of conservation and preserving the land for future generations to enjoy.

PARTNER: Tahoe Rim Trail Association

LOCATION: Voyageurs National Park // Est. April 8, 1975

TOPIC:  Youth Education

PROJECT: Teen Ambassador Program

PURPOSE: This tee supports youth outreach and education. When we sell 100, we are able to fund one outreach program. The teen ambassador program provides young adults with the opportunity to learn about National Park Service careers and gain new outdoor skills on a multi-day trip to the park.

PARTNER: Voyageurs National Park Association

LOCATION: Yellowstone National Park // Est. March 1, 1872

TOPIC:  Visitor Programs

PROJECT: Trails Fund Initiative

PURPOSE: This tee supports restoring and repairing Yellowstone’s heavily used network of trails, so they are protected and safe for visitors use.  Enhancing the visitor experience, which includes education, recreation, safety, and accessibility, will help conserve the park for years to come.

PARTNER: Yellowstone Park Foundation

LOCATION: Yosemite National Park // Est. October 1, 1890

TOPIC:  Visitor Programs

PROJECT: Access & Maintenance

PURPOSE:  The trails are the gateway to Yosemite’s wilderness, and with over 800 miles, that’s a lot to maintain. The Yosemite tee supports enhancing the visitor experience and helps preserve the parks’ trails for years to come with 50 tees sold equating to 50 meters of trail restored.

PARTNER: Yosemite Conservancy

LOCATION: Zion National Park // Est. November 19, 1919

TOPIC:  Youth Education

PROJECT: Future Advocates

PURPOSE: With every Zion tee sold, we make a donation to the Youth Education Initiative. This program expands the park’s efforts to engage youth and promote positive experiences in the park. The support will touch the lives of thousands of children, which, in turn, will help ensure the future of the parks we all love so dearly.

PARTNER: Zion Natural History Association


-> More specific information on our park donation program can also be found here, cheers!