Gather around, grab your favorite camping beverage, and settle in for some stories; here’s 25 questions to get you started. Remember to leave things better than you found them on your next adventure, and follow all the rules and regulations wherever you go camping! 


1. What’s your first campfire memory? 
2. What’s one luxury item you have to have on a camping trip?
3. What makes the perfect s’more? 
4. Which national park is your favorite? 
5. Who is your favorite person to adventure with? 
6. Where did you see your first shooting star?
7. Have you ever had an interesting encounter in the wilderness?  
8. Who was the last person that got you out of your comfort zone?
9. Have you ever experienced trail magic? 
10. Do you prefer sunrise or sunset? 
11. Where is a place that changed your point of view? 
12. Have you ever had an unexpected animal encounter?
13. What’s one activity you always do when you go camping? 
14. What song transports you into the wilderness? 
15. How do you take your camp coffee?
16. Have you ever been caught hiking in a storm? 
17. What’s your most nostalgic road trip memory? 
18. Do you have a favorite camping meal? 
19. What do you love about the outdoors? 
20. If you could visit any place in the world, where would you go?
21. Have you ever run out of gas? 
22. Who is the most interesting person you’ve met during a trip? 
23. If there’s a fork in the road, are you taking a right or a left?
24. What’s a treasured memory you have of the person you are with?
25. Have you ever been in the wrong place at the right time?

Bonus Questions: Would you rather… 

  • Would you rather spend a year in the desert or in the forest? 
  • Would you rather go camping in a tent or a camper? 
  • Would you rather go whale watching or horseback riding?
  • Would you rather be the leader of the hike or the caboose? 
  • Would you rather encounter a bear or a moose on the trail? 
  • Would you rather be stranded on a secluded island or in the middle of a desert?

And finally…

  • Would you rather encounter Bigfoot or aliens on your next camping trip? 
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