2014 - Parks Project is born

Giveback: $1,209

  • During our time volunteering in the Santa Monica Mountains, we learned that environmental damage and a lack of funding had brought our parklands to the brink of crisis.
  • Like in any tough situation, we decided to look for the helpers. What we found were unique projects that needed funding, tireless volunteers that needed support, and a global community of nature-lovers just waiting for a call to action. Out of our love for the Parks and our desire to see them flourish, Parks Project was born.

2015 - Parks Project gets rolling

Giveback: $3,768

  • Operating out of garages, cars, and coffee shops, we made it to our first trade show, where we were lucky enough to be placed next to the coffee cart – people waiting in the line were forced to learn about us!

2016 - We buddy up with parks

Giveback: $20,183

  • We became an official partner to the National Parks, hired four staff members, and built out all of the things we suddenly needed – accounting, HR, shipping, and all that fun stuff.

2017 - The team grows

Giveback: $87,384

  • Our team expanded to a whopping nine people, which meant it was finally time for an office! Those new hires helped us build out our website, attract 100,000 Instagram followers, and all of the sudden, we couldn’t seem to keep our items on the shelf.

2018 - We partner with National Geographic and REI

Giveback: $322,981

  • The momentum from the year before took us to a new level in 2018, thanks in part to awesome partnerships with National Geographic and REI. Two more team members meant we were on the move again, and with more focus on our online sales, we were able to give back over $300,000 to the parks – 100x what we gave back just three years before.

2019 - The Volunteer Alliance is born

Giveback: $419,016

  • We didn’t rest on our laurels – we asked what more we could do. 2019 saw us launch our Volunteer Alliance to connect leaders and volunteers to host work days all over the country. We also started doing company volunteer trips to do more work ourselves, reconsidered our role and started focusing more on park news and stories, and launched awesome collaborations with Greta Van Fleet, Shepard Fairey, and much more!

2020 - Parks For All

Giveback: $1,381,251

  • Like it was for so many people and companies, 2020 was a complicated one here at Parks Project. We left our office when the pandemic began and started working from home. For a team that so valued each other’s company, it was tough at first though it opened the opportunity to welcome new employees from all over the country to our team. In August, we surpassed our first million dollars donated to parks; before the end of the year, we added over $380,000 more to that contribution.

2021 - Today

Giveback: $2,000,000

  • 2021 was a milestone year at Parks Project. A little over a year after we celebrated $1,000,000 contributed to nonprofits on behalf of parks, we hit the $2,000,000 contributed mark! We also introduced a new collection of products designed for better enjoyment of the outdoors, including camp chairs and hammocks in three iconic all-over prints. We continued to collaborate with artists and lifestyle brands inspired by our mission. We reinstated the Volunteer Alliance and hosted clean-up programs from Los Angeles to New York. Finally, our team grew to 22 employees located across the country.

About Us

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