While America's national parks hold their own allure, the places we stay may resonate just as much in our memory box. We invite you to escape the ordinary and take that long weekend to get outside this fall. Our curated list encapsulates some of the most captivating destinations outside of America's beloved parklands. Enjoy this piece as we unveil five stunning scenic stays that promise unforgettable adventures and experiences. 

Yonder- Escalante, Utah

1. Bryce Canyon National Park
 Yonder- Escalante, Utah 
 Just a 40 minute drive outside of Bryce Canyon National Park, and two hours from Zion National Park, you’ll find Yonder, in the heart of the majestic landscapes of Utah. Not only is this a stay with a variety of options for slumber, but there’s a drive-in movie theatre on the property with concessions and vintage cars to watch the movies in. After the movie you’ll either go back to your deluxe cabin, tiny cabin, airstream, or designated campsite, waking up the next morning to a fresh breakfast from the on-site food truck. The main lobby is all outdoors with heating and fresh coffee, a quiet place to read, and fire pits for some extra relaxation. There’s a full size pool and hot tub for those who like to soak after a long day of hiking or as a way to prepare for the long hike. 


Joshua Tree National Park Sunrise

2. Joshua Tree National Park
Aiming to open in early 2024, AutoCamp’s hospitality brand is opening a second FieldStation located outside of Joshua Tree National Park. Inspired by those empowered by nature with a whole bunch of love for the environment, FieldStation is here to make it even easier for folks to feel a part of the outdoor community. Field Station is set up to feel like your home away from home, your base, with gear storage in every room to keep organization afloat while you travel. Each location has a store for all the outdoor needs, whether that’s post-trail or pre-trail to feel safe and sound off the grid. Time to start planning that new year road trip!


Cuyahoga Valley National Park in the fall

3. Cuyahoga Valley National Park
Dwell Box
An hour outside of Cuyahoga Valley resides Dwell Box, a collection of spaces to stay for that natural lodging experience in the woods. From outdoor soaking baths, to indoor wood stoves, outdoor showers and firepits, to the best views throughout each season, surround yourself in nature with their 3 options of accommodations. While being close enough to those dreamy independent coffee shops, hiking isn’t too far. Check out their list of local recommendations on their website and book your stay now! 

The sun peeking through Olympic National Park at golden hour.

4. Olympic National Park
Lake Crescent Lodge
“Nestled among the giant fir and hemlock trees on the shore of the beautiful Lake Crescent, features comfortable, spacious rooms with wonderful views of the lake.” Right in the heart of Olympic National Park is a getaway designed for feeling the Earth breathe. This is the perfect historical getaway with a base camp located in the national park. With a fireplace in the center of the lodge, and an antique design on the first floor, you’ll step back in time and really have a moment to put your devices down and to open your eyes more to the natural world. Aside from activities in the national park, the lodge offers various activities like boat tours around Lake Crescent, hiking, fishing, boat rentals, and great options for cuisine on the property. Open seasonally from the end of April to the end of November, it’s the perfect home base for your adventures in the Pacific Northwest. 

Reflections of Maine's sunset on Acadia's spellbinding coastline.

5. Acadia National Park
Under Canvas
Right along the water's edge you’ll find Under Canvas’s Maine experience outside of Acadia National Park. When we think of Maine, we think of a cozy coastal scene near the immense New England forests and the water that is home to fishermen, waking up early and ready to take on a day of the somewhat unknown at sea. Maine is the best of both worlds for those that love the beach but have lust for the mountains. This stay gives you exactly that, while its location is on the water, it’s just 35 minutes from the national park. For those that love the outdoors but aren’t the biggest fans of camping, Under Canvas provides you with a way to sleep under the stars while maintaining a more luxurious idea of tent camping - glamping. They even have a catch of the day on their dining menu! Check out their website for more to do in and around the area.

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