In the heart of Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, where the towering redwoods whisper tales of time and resilience, a recent volunteer event unfolded, echoing the ethos of Parks Project's mission to "leave it better than you found it".

Nature, powerful in its ability to heal itself, found allies in a dedicated group of individuals committed to preserving the delicate balance of the environment. The Pine Trail, a 2-mile short loop, became the focus of our efforts this day. While embracing the old growth redwood forest, our team focused on the foundation of maintaining a healthy visitor experience, ensuring that fences were rebuilt and intact to leave no open space for visitors to venture off trail. The task at hand was clear: restore the falling fences using natural materials, respecting the environment in every step. As mist rose and burn piles crackled, a half-day of diligent work ensued for our team. The goal was not just to mend fences but to uphold the sanctity of the park, supporting initiatives that prioritize responsible visitation and the maintenance of a visitor experience that evokes awe, just as we feel it in every national park we visit. 

In the words of Parks Project’s co-founder, Keith Eshelman, "Each project needs knowledge, love, and collaboration," and our collective efforts spoke to this truth. The redwood grove, the largest old-growth grove south of Big Basin, stood witness to this alliance between humans and nature. We spent a day planting our hands into the dirt to re-rebuild parts of the fenceline. The Pine Trail echoes the quiet resilience of the redwoods themselves. With a giveback of $5k and the spirit of community echoing through the trees, this event encapsulated the essence of why we engage in conservation – not merely as stewards of the land, but as partners in its ongoing story to leave these places better than we found them. Please enjoy this short photo story below, a lookback at our day repurposing the fence on the Pine Trail with the Parks Project team and with the help of California State Parks.

 (images by: Ian Burdzinski)

A broken fence on the trail in Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park.
Parks Project team heading out to restore broken fences on the trail.
Parks Project team carrying over pieces of wood to replace the rotted ones.
Learning about the ways we are about to leave it better than we found it.
Parks Project teaming up with California State Parks to continue trail work amongst the giant tree grove.
There's something about doing conservation work in an old growth forest covered in mist and sun rays.
A look into the collaborative work when folks come together to love on nature.
Don't forget to give your trees some love with your tree hugging friends.
Shop Parks Project to continue supporting our efforts to leave it better than you found it, and thank you CA State Parks for spreading the mission with us.

Thanks to California State Parks and the Parks Project team for their efforts in supporting hugging these giants through leaving it better than we found it. For more info on volunteer events, stay up to date through our Instagram page and give us a follow!

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