Whether you spent your childhood at summer camp or spent a lot of time in the car road tripping across the country visiting national parks, wandering becomes very nostalgic. This summer the Parks Project team took route to Sequoia National Park to create new memories to look back on just as fondly. Reminisce with us as we take a look back at our film photo story from our most recent company retreat. Film photos hold a special place in our hearts and symbolize preserving the raw beauty of these natural wonders similar to the preservation of memories through analog photography. 


We made our way to Montecito Lodge in northwest Sequoia National Park.
The views through Sequoia to get to Montecito were breathtaking.
The wonderful, Montecito Sequoia Lodge.
There was a lot of time spent on the properties courts and lakeside.
Tom Gilmour, our design director, showing off his sick skills.
Alongside the play, a lot of time was spent on the trails.
Ambika Rajyagor, our wholesale account manager, trekking out to our volunteer event in Round Meadow.
Allie Paino, our apparel production manager, removing Orchard Grass, an invasive plant found in Round Meadow.
After a long day in the field, we headed back to camp for dinner, a fire, and some team building activities.
Parks Project team building with pasta sticks, tape, string, and a marshmallow … Can you guess what the activity was?
The next morning we hiked 3.8 miles out and back to Tokopah Falls to enjoy some time swimming in nature.
We had some courageous folks diving in head first.
While some of us others enjoyed the views from the rocks above.
Some content faces before the hike back to base.
Shoutout to Juneshine for some great trail drinks.
We ended the day on the lake at Montecito Lodge.
Nothing stronger than a team that paddles together.
Some of us decided to extend our stay through the weekend because we were having so much fun.
Two extra nights with the best team and friends we could ask for.
Which national park do you want to see us in next?
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