Three words that make our hearts melt: “I brought snacks.” Meet a few of the faces at Parks Project, and hear what snacks they are taking on the trails. From charcuterie boards to the classic PB&J, our team is definitely bringing snacks along on any adventure. Here’s a brief collection of our good eats: 


A hiker walking on a mountain trail with a Parks Project fleece.

Lucas Alfonso: Accounting Manager

I would have to say that my favorite trail snacks are sunflower seeds, trail mix, and most of the different types of cliff bars that are out there! I also sometimes do beef jerky cause that’s an easy one to carry. The list could probably go on forever since I love food but those are some of my favorites!


A woman sitting on a rock during the sunrise with a Parks Project fleece on and matching socks.

Gretchen Braulick: Content Producer

I would have to say my favorite trail snacks would be fresh dark cherries, dried fruit, & chex mix, anything to keep the energy up. Especially if there’s a local farmers market near your trailhead, you’ll have the best snacks for the summit.


A man and two children standing in front of Yosemite Falls.

Keith Eshelman: Parks Project Cofounder 

Whenever I’m on the trails or volunteering, I almost always have a peanut butter Clif Bar on me or some sort of protein bar.


A woman hiking along a grassy trail

Martha Garcia: Senior Director: Brand Marketing 

I'm a Trader Joe's gal and love all their fruit snacks for hikes (and let's be honest, they're great everyday snacks). My favorites include the dried mango slices, the apple sauce crushers, and the fruit bars (any flavor). My daughter also loves these snacks, so everyone is happy on the trail 😊


A woman sitting near the Grand Canyon at sunset

Jenna McLoughlin: Social Media Specialist 

I’m a little fancy when it comes to hiking snacks. I’ve always got a lunchbox full of various fruits, cheeses, crackers, and occasionally hummus and veggies. It seems like a lot to pack, but it’s so worth it when you get to that scenic viewpoint.  


A woman standing in the snow wearing a Parks Project fleece.

Allie Paino: Product Development and Production Manager for Apparel

My favorite trail snacks are pistachios and a sandwich (ideally a vegan cheese and lunchmeat with lettuce, pesto, and banana peppers) to eat after the hike! 


A man standing on a log suspended above a forested trail.

Tyler Prone: Director of eCommerce

My go to snacks are trail mix without raisins with the perfect ratio of M&Ms (not too few and not too many where it becomes a dessert), and whichever protein bar I’m currently not sick of, it’s amazing how many bar brands one can cycle through in their lifetime. 


A man on a trail in Death Valley overlooking desert peaks.

Avi Villa: eCommerce Operations Specialist

My go-to trail snacks are a good trail mix (try the Go Raw Trek Mix, it’s delicious), a mixed bag of dried fruit—both from Trader Joe’s, and a classic PB&J with raspberry jam.


Three words that make our hearts melt: “I brought snacks.” Meet a few of the faces at Parks Project and hear what go-to snacks they are taking on the trails.
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