In preparation for the upcoming holiday season, we asked some people from the Parks Project team what they'll be gifting their loved-ones this year. For more gift inspiration, check out our gift finder


Martha Garcia: Senior Director of Brand Marketing


I’ll be gifting the National Parks Wonderland Puzzle to my daughter Luz this year! She is very creative and loves to build things together as a family, so I’m sure this puzzle will keep our family entertained during the holiday break

Christina Holzmann: Director of Sales


I’m giving the Power to the Parks Shrooms Polaroid to my sister. Every year we pick a National park and do a sisters trip just the 2 of us to unplug and have time away. The Polaroid camera will help capture the amazing trip we take next year and all future years!


Jenna McLoughlin: Social Media Coordinator


I’ll be gifting my partner Parks Project’s newest book, The Parklands. It’s a complete work of all 63 parks with tips, tricks, facts, and figures on national parks in the United States. We’re both big time park lovers and plan each vacation around a new national park, so it’s almost like giving a gift to myself too! 


Olivia Lemley: Product Development and Production Manager for Accessories


I’m giving the National Parks Woodcuts Recycled Camp Blanket to my mom. This blanket is super warm and such a unique print with vibrant colors. My parents have a fire pit in their backyard, and I've been envisioning this as the perfect cozy addition to their backyard shenanigans! Not to mention, the 100% recycled materials aspect makes it an extra awesome gift.



Gretchen Braulick: Digital Content Producer


When I was growing up there were 3 things my dad talked about consistently: boy scouts, spending time outside, and the national parks. I always thought it was so hard to shop for dads but have recently realized that I don’t always need to buy him new socks. As soon as I thought about our conversations over the years and his interests, I couldn’t think of a better gift for him with his love for camping and being outside. He works from home and is always lighting incense sticks so I know he’ll appreciate one of Parks Projects candles (they smell amazing).


Sevag Kazanci: Co-Founder/Chief Impact Officer


My wife loves lounging in cozy fleece, so this Joshua Tree Hoodie is a no brainer! Joshua Tree National Park  was the first trip we ever took as a couple and the first park that we introduced both of our kids to. Lots of memories wrapped into a single hoodie. 


Katherine Everett: Senior Director of Product


I'm buying the Iconic Parks Wrapping Paper 2 Pack. The artwork is so unique it's not like any wrapping paper I've seen before. On Christmas morning our tree will have  a little bit of all the parks we love so dearly.


Avi Villa: eCommerce Operations Specialist


I’m gifting the Yosemite Rocks Trail Fleece to my buddy Cormac because it's super duper comfy, I have a matching one, but mainly because we use to go to Yosemite almost once a month to go climbing in college, and it's definitely a special place for both of us. Also, it's supposed to look like granite!

Parks Project | Yosemite Rocks Trail Fleece | National Park Fleece
Parks Project has gifts for everyone on your list—from the homebody to the adventure-seeker. In preparation for the upcoming holiday season, we asked some people from the Parks Project team what they'll be gifting their loved-ones this year. For more gift inspiration, check out our gift finder!
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