Looking for the perfect place to lodge during your trip to the Catskills? We've got you covered. 



882 NY-212 
Saugerties, NY 12477

The perfect place to get away from the city with the hospitality of a hotel while still feeling like you’re alone in the wilderness. Just within minutes of hiking trails, the towns of Saugerties and Woodstock, giving business to locals and a gift to your soul in the woods. Stepping away for a moment in time to feel the earth breathe away from the city sounds.



Glen Falls House

230 Winter Clove Road
Round Top, NY 12473

A throwback in time to the 1950’s, the grounds of this old inn were originally located in an area of the Catskills where summer camp thrived, lap pools were always full, and where city people made way for family vacations. Glen Falls House has kept its historic look while keeping up with the aesthetics of a cabin vibe. An escape to nature whether winter or summer, bonfires out front, dance parties in the hall down the street, a 5 star restaurant apart, events through the seasons, and many waterfall hikes right in back with an in house sauna free of charge. 



Foxfire Mountain House

72 Andrew Lane
Mt. Tremper, NY 12457

An ode to comfort in trees and warm bodied souls, FoxFire Mountain House is the epitome of feeling at home without being at home. Parallel to being in the right place at the right time, it only feels like the right time here with an occasional black bear on the property. Established in 2016 this 11 room inn follows a farm-to-table style restaurant along with nightly routines that match the aesthetic of the vintage Moroccan feel the home gives off with constant energy to sit back. The property consists of cottage options, suites, a natural lily pond, bonfire pits, bocce ball, and horseshoe.



Urban Cowboy Lodge

37 Alpine Road
 Big Indian, NY 12410

Many know Urban Cowboy Lodge as the perfect place to bathe, not because of a bath house, but because of one singular room that overlooks the Catskills with a foot tub at the end of the king size bed. It sits in the heart of the Catskills with many unique room options giving off this very warm and as said “urban cowboy” feel. Just 2.5 hours from New York City. The bar itself attached to the lodge looks like a magical walk through the woods. The property is surrounded by trees and a creek that runs straight through along with mountain ridgelines. Not only a getaway but an experience.



Hotel Mountain Brook

57 Route 23C (Hill Street)
Tannersville, NY 12485


For those of you that prefer more of a classic inn, Mountain Brook could be perfect for your upstate stay. This hotel was built in the 1940’s with a terrace that overlooks the views of the mountain range along with songbirds in the early hours of the morning. The property has a wildflower field, bonfire pits, benches with overlook points, and a lounge for laying low. Within minutes of Tannersville and Hunter/ Windham Mountain, hikes surrounding the property and easy to drive areas, it’s a great place to absorb its local history as it resides on Mohican land. 


Looking for a place the lodge in the Catskills? We've got you covered.
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