1. Get educated:

 Learn about the history of the parklands to understand the cultural significance and importance of preservation.


2. Take action:

Vote on issues that protect our parks; write a letter to your local policy makers to keep conservation top of mind.


3. Get involved:

Join a local park conservation group to stay informed on current issues in your area.


4. Volunteer:

Check out www.volunteer.gov to participate in clean ups, trail restoration, & invasive species removal, or join our field crew for our next volunteer event.


5. Watch your footprint:

Practice "Leave No Trace" principles when visiting parks, and use low impact transportation.


6. Respect habitat & wildlife:

Do not remove native plants or artifacts from the park and never feed the animals.


7. Limit your impact:

Properly dispose of waste, reuse, & recycle when you can, and always leave it better than you found it.


8. Broadcast:

Become an ambassador for responsible outdoor ethics. Use social media to share stories & spread the word.


9. Donate:

Contribute to non-profits like the National Park Foundation & the National Park Conservation Association.


10. Wear the parks:

Celebrate our national parks and their splendor with goods that giveback (like ours)!

Whether you're on the trail or in the comfort of your own home, here's a list of ten ways to make a positive environmental impact and leave it better!
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