When it comes to visiting national, state, and local parks across the country, it’s important to leave a place better than you found it. As human beings, sustainability should be our goal, along with conservation and stewardship. While some projects can take a lot of time, there are many little things you can do to reduce your footprint and leave a lasting impact on the places we love. This can apply to all sorts of activities from camping trips to day hikes, or simply a stroll through the neighborhood. Remember, just one person can make the world a better place. 


1. Get educated:

Learn about the history of the parklands to understand the cultural significance and importance of preservation.


2. Take action:

Vote on issues that protect our parks; write a letter to your local policy makers to keep conservation top of mind.


3. Get involved:

Join a local park conservation group to stay informed on current issues in your area.


4. Volunteer:

Check out www.volunteer.gov to participate in clean ups, trail restoration, & invasive species removal, or join our field crew for our next volunteer event.


5. Watch your footprint:

Practice "Leave No Trace" principles when visiting parks, and use low impact transportation. 


6. Respect habitat & wildlife:

Do not remove native plants or artifacts from the park and never feed the animals.


7. Limit your impact:

Be sure to clean up your own mess by properly disposing of waste, reusing items when you can, recycling when you can’t, and always leave it better than you found it. 


8. Broadcast:

Become an ambassador for responsible outdoor ethics. Use social media to share stories & spread the word.


9. Donate:

Contribute to non-profits like the National Park Foundation & the National Park Conservation Association.


10. Wear the parks:

Wear the parks on your sleeve and purchase from companies whose mission is to leave parklands for the better (like ours)!


Whether you're on the trail or in the comfort of your own home, here's a list of ten ways to make a positive environmental impact and leave it better!
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