“It’s the journey, not the destination.” Okay, fine, that’s kind of cheesy, but we’re pretty sure that a smooth drive always makes a good trip even better. That’s why we’ve picked five of our favorite parks playlists—do you think we’d let you travel in anything but style? Pro tip: these playlists aren’t just great for hitting the road—they make the perfect soundtrack for your workday, commute, or daydream, too!

1. Yosemite

Think winding roads through mountains, lush Yosemite Valley during golden hour, and the perfect pink sunset against Half Dome before a night sky heavy with stars, and you’ve got the spirit behind our Yosemite playlist. This one’s for you champs who’ve braved the slippery Mist Trail and those who’ve still got it on your bucket list. 

2. Joshua Tree

Yeah, we know, U2 has a whole album in honor of this park’s namesake, but trust us…we really nailed this one. With chill acoustic tracks for cruising the desert roads to the occasional country jam while you’re making the perfect campfire dinner, we’re pretty sure that the only thing that’s more J-Tree are the trees themselves. 

3. Great Smoky Mountains

There’s just something about those moody mountains that put us in the mood for some fiddles and guitars from yesteryear. This one’s got Dolly and Dylan, some Zeppelin and Denver, plus some new-school jams inspired by the classics you know and love. 

4. Acadia

Okay, you know how Acadia is called the jewel of the east coast? Well, we think this is one of the jewels of our playlist collection. This one’s got a little bit of everything, just like Acadia itself—some old, some new, some favorites and some that you may have not ever heard before. 

5. Mount Rainier

Ok, so when you think Washington and music you’re probably thinking of the grunge scene...but when we think of the park’s 14er, we’ve got these tracks in mind. Channel your inner mountain man and put on this playlist—add a flannel if you’re feeling crazy. 

Don’t see your favorite park? Don’t worry, friends, we’ve got plenty more over on Spotify. 


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