Meet Brooke Jaramillo of Large Lemonade and artist behind the chain stitching on our newest vintage collection inspired by Earth Day. 



What initially drew you to embroidery and vintage clothing? Was it a thought, a person, an experience?


I can definitely thank my mom for introducing me to vintage! When I was growing up, my mom would bring me to the thrift store while she poked around for hours. I always was encouraged to find that gem to make the whole day of picking worth it. As for embroidery, it again circles back to that vintage magic. My machine is from the 1930's and I discovered it when I was living in New York. A Levis employee was stitching up a beautiful back piece just as I happened to walk by the store window on Broadway. I went into the store to chat with her…  I needed to know every detail of what she was doing, and I never looked back!


How was your experience working with Parks Project different?


I love the passion that Parks Project has for our national parks and how dedicated they are to the preservation of our lands! I always get an extra boost of inspiration when I work with Parks Project, they are such a beautiful reminder to love our planet and to always think sustainably!



Is there one thing you love most about your craft?


I really love working with clients who are interested in creating special pieces that I know they will cherish for the rest of their lives! The fun of making something new or upycling/reinventing a garment that someone hasn’t worn in ages into something timeless fulfills me!


What do you need to help motivate you through a day of stitching? Whether that’d be music, chocolate, a friend, your fave song…


Podcast, podcasts and more podcasts! I totally zone out when I work and they help me stay focused and entertained while I stitch away. I love true crime, interviews, comedy etc. I don’t know what I did before them! I also give a ton of credit to my fiancé and Tony (my pup). They are the best at breaking up my day, whether it's for a quick beach walk or a delicious lunch!



What is your purpose as an artist and is it the same from when you started to now?


I feel like I am always learning about my purpose as an artist. When I started chainstitch embroidery I knew that I needed to go in full force because it was what I wanted to be doing for the rest of my life. It brings me so much joy, and I knew I wanted to share that joy with everyone. Now, growing so much from when I have started, I have learned so much about sustainability, repurposing, giving back, and other elements to bring me purpose. 


What is the one tip you would give your past self and a current entrepreneur/creative?


Stay focused, hustle, and give back whenever you have the chance!



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