What inspires you? 

I loved the direction Parks Project gave me, it was so great. I really do love the history of art, design, and illustration, as well as looking at cool vintage ephemera, for parks and other miscellaneous stuff. I was really excited to combine all these influences with my style!


What’s your creative process? What does a start, middle, and end look like to you?

I have a pretty typical process for an Illustrator/designer. It starts with the brief, research, then sketching, and then rendering the chosen sketch. I also enjoy self- initiated projects, but I always need to give myself specific parameters, or I'll be overwhelmed. That sounds strange, but I’d have a really. difficult time with an "open brief." I need those constraints in order to work. I’ve also realized the importance of taking a break, or even "sleeping on it" when I have a creative block. It's amazing how inspiration comes when you’re not thinking about the project at all.

Courtesy of the artist


This round of designs is united by the mantra “Defend Parklands” and the idea of a “crew” of defenders. What does Defend Parklands mean to you, and what is the importance of a “crew” when it comes to these efforts? What role do you think designs and apparel like this play in the fight?

It brings me back to my childhood experiences at parks, and the canoe trips we’d take to Algonquin Provincial Park here in Canada. That was our crew, together in the outdoors away from the city for a week. Defending Parks is important, I want future generations to enjoy those parkland experiences. I hope the artwork serves its purpose, and  puts parks at the forefront in people’s minds, to preserve what we have.

Courtesy of the artist
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