Meet Jared Everett of Double Needle Denim and the artist behind our upcycled denim bags, part of our newest collection inspired by Earth Day.



How and when did you get your start in tailoring denim


My grandfather did some shoe and bag repair and had some big old machines that I thought were fascinating as a kid, that got me interested in sewing. I’ve always loved denim, taking apart and studying old jeans while working for different brands over the years before I finally opened my own shop.


Is there one product you’ve made that comes to mind that was either the most unique to make or the most time consuming?

I’ve done some one off pieces for wardrobe depts, which was fun to create something based on fragments of a script to then seeing that character’s garment on screen.



What’s your favorite thing about denim that most people would not know?


What I, and I think most people, love about denim is how it wears and changes with age.
100% cotton denim will shrink, stretch, and form to the wearer.


When it comes to making our bags, how much time does it take to make just one?


I’m a one man shop currently, I don’t have a team of helpers. I think those bags took about 2-3 hours. And a good bit of that is taking apart the scrap jeans, choosing the best panel of that pair to cut the pattern from.


Are there any ways outside of this project you make your practice sustainable? Reusing scraps? Donating fabrics?


Yes, always. Without even thinking about it. I’m perpetually saving even the smallest scraps of fabric—there’s always a use somewhere down the road for repairs or patching. All the cut hems get reused. I search out a lot of old stock fabric.

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