Based on the heavens, where should you go on your next national park visit? See what the stars have to say. 



Headstrong and bold, you've got the spirit of someone ready to tackle the highest peak in North America: Denali. Take caution, however, and don't let that fiery confidence melt the snow underneath your feet.


Grand Teton

A connoisseur of beauty and luxury, you gravitate to the stunning landscape and cozy lodges of Grand Teton National Park. The abundance of horned ungulates in the area—bison, cattle, and the like—make your inner bull feel right at home in Wyoming. 



You're a jack of all trades, desperate for diversity and ready for any terrain to explore. Sequoia National Park satisfies your curiosity, as the park encompasses 13,000 vertical feet of relief and five distinct climate types—no matter your mood, there's a place to feel right at home in your element. 


Glacier Bay

As a Cancer, your tough, crabby shell might be hard to penetrate,  much like the remote, rugged ice fields of Glaicer Bay National Park. But anyone who spends time there will learn that it is a mystical, gentle, and delicate place. Time to crack that shell! 


Grand Canyon

Just like the Grand Canyon, you're extremely popular, embrace the spotlight, and are so photogenic. But much like the canyon walls shielding the mighty Colorado, your heart is equally hard to reach, with trials and tribulations obscuring the path. Hike down to the riverbed, reflect on your journey, and let love flow!


Mammoth Cave

Practical, systematic, and meticulous, as a Virgo you have the traits of a top-knotch spelunker. Your destination: Mammoth Cave, the largest cave system in the world. As an earth sign connected to the digestive system, what better place to explore than the bowels of the Earth? Finally, a maze you won't finish in five minutes. 



As a Libra, nothing gets you more excited than nature, balance, and the beauty of it all. The graviety defying rocks and the sweeping landscape of Arches National Park offer plenty things for you to feast your eyes on, so get out there!


Death Valley

Just like Death Valley, you're dangerous yet seductively enticing. Hot and fierce, you have no problem convincing people to stay in your grasp...whether it's good for them or not. Just remember—scorpions don't know you're one of them, so be sure to check your boots!



Your fiercy passion for adventure pulls you to the cool, watery realm of Voyageurs National Park. With 30 lakes and over 900 islands, there is seemingly endless terrain to satiate your wanderlust. Take care in choosing your adventure buddy—not everyone wants to share a canoe with someone as bold as you! 



As an astrological sea goat, you're drawn to the IRL seaside goats of Olympic National Park.There, alpine goats traipse the alpine peaks above the cold, rugged seas below. Your relentless persistance will get your hooves right to the summit of Mount Olympus, for you are not only a goat, but also the GOAT. Climb on, climb on!


Petrified Forest

Where some see a dried, harsh wasteland, you see the surreal, dreamlike landscapes, painted hillsides, and intriguinig history of Petrified Forest National Park. While there, stick your thumb out on Route 66 and you're likely to encounter some fellow Aquarians out for an adventure in this forgotten wilderness.  


Crater Lake

You don't have to fish too hard to think about where you belong, Pisces—the deepest lake in the US seems the perfect place for you based on your deep thinking and love of all things fresh and soothing! Dive into your next adventure, and it's sure to go swimmingly.

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