We want to inspire you to take action to protect the earth that we all share! In the spirit of earth month, we created a list of eco-friendly actions that can easily be incorporated into your daily routine; we challenge you to do one new green action each day to create a more sustainable lifestyle. Although these actions may seem small, they can turn into meaningful change if everyone takes part, so inspire your family and friends to join in!


1. Calculate your carbon footprint


The average global footprint is approximately 4 tons per person per year, compared to the 16 tons per person average in the United States. Clearly, we are using much more than the earth can handle! Calculating your own carbon footprint will show you how you compare to others and create motivation to employ simple daily changes to reduce it. Calculate yours here.


2. Make an eco-upgrade in your home.


Start small. Whether you switch a few lightbulbs to LED, add native plants to your garden, or change your showhead for be more water-efficient, you can make simple changes in your home to save energy.


3. Make earth day everyday


Who says earth month should only be celebrated in April? Sign up to volunteer for events and clean-ups in a nearby national, state, or local park!


4. Buy second-hand, sustainable, or upcycled


If you are wanting some new clothes, check out your local thrift store, online marketplaces, or sustainably-made clothing companies. Your wallet will thank you and your actions will help to reduce the amount of waste that is created by the fashion industry. Check out our collection of sustainable products here, or keep an eye out for our monthly vintage drops! 


5. Check out a new trail


Go explore somewhere you haven't been to yet! Nothing beats getting outdoors and visiting new trails, and during your visit take some actions to minimize your impact or better yet, leave it better than you found it.


6. Wash cold & hang dry


Washing clothes in cold water not only prevents them from fading and shrinking, it also saves a great amount of energy. About 90% of the energy used while washing clothes goes towards heating water, so save the energy and money by washing in cold water!


7. Support an environmental cause you care about


Make a donation or volunteer for an environmental cause that you are passionate about to help protect the spaces that we know and love. Through donating your time and money, you are helping to ensure that these spaces will be preserved for generations to come. Don’t know where to donate? Check out our conservancy partners here!


8. Eat vegetarian for a day


While the thought of this may seem daunting for some, we challenge you to try cutting out meat for a day. Animal agriculture is one of the leading causes of greenhouse gas emissions, so by reducing your meat consumption you can make a big impact in the long run.


9. Compost


Composting has the power to reduce landfill waste by 14%! Free up your garbage by turning your food waste into compost to create healthier soil around your home and do some good for the environment. 


10. Skip the car


Walk, bike, carpool, or use public transport to get to your destination. While it may not be the quickest way, these methods are much more sustainable to get where you need to go!

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