From Hawaii to North Carolina, here are some of the best places to see wild horses in the United States:


The Virgin Range, Nevada


Nevada is home to almost half of the nation's free-roaming horse population, with many of these horses located in the Virgin Range area! Often known as “Annies Horses,” this herd was named after the decade-long battle that “Wild Horse Annie” spent protecting these horses. Today, the best place to see these horses is hiking various trails east of Reno.


Theodore Rosevelt National Park, North Dakota


What symbolizes the American West better than a mustang? Visit Theodore Roosevelt National Park to watch these breathtaking animals, often seen grazing and galloping across the badlands. The park recommends home to 100-200 free-roaming horses.



Waipi’o Valley, Hawaii


While the big island of Hawaii is typically thought of as a place filled with expansive beaches and palm trees, it is also home to a large herd of wild horses. These horses are often found roaming through the valley amongst tropical foliage and waterfalls, creating a breathtaking landscape for those who venture over to the island.


Outer Banks, North Carolina


At one point, North Carolina’s Outer Banks were home to thousands of wild horses, however the recent industrialization of the area has impacted these populations. What makes this location special is the presence of Corolla Wild Horses, which are now very rare. Come see these rare beach-side horses while they are still in the area!


Steens Mountain Wilderness Wild Area, Oregon


Located in the top corner of the state, the pristine wilderness of Steens Mountain spans over 428,000 acres. There were many different herds of horses brought to this area by 16th century conquistadors, including the Kiger mustang, and they still remain in the area today. For the best chance of spotting these wild horses, head to the South Steens Campground.


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