Traveling to Zion National Park soon? Here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of your trip!


  1. Get there early. With record-breaking crowds the past few years, popular spots on the trail fill up fast.

  3. Ride a bike! Skip the lines for shuttles and explore the park on two wheels. There are plenty of rental spots outside of the park.

  5. Don’t forget your permit. Given Angels Landings increased popularity, the trail is now on a permitting system. Find out more at

  7. Don’t forget your water + sunscreen. Many of the parks iconic trails are exposed, which can make for a hot hike – don’t forget proper hydration & sun protection.

  9. Explore off the beaten path. Sure, there are plenty of popular hikes around the park, but skip the crowds in favor of a less-frequented trail. Talk to a ranger or use an app like All Trails to learn all of your options.

  11. Plan ahead. Camping in the parks and hotels outside the park’s gates fill up fast – be sure to book early to be sure you’ve snagged a spot.

  13. Keep a safe distance from wildlife. You’re not the only one who enjoys the park – the park’s many inhabitants do, too! Make sure you keep a safe distance when exploring.

  15. Check all park news + updates before visiting. If you’re hoping to explore certain parts of the park, make sure you visit Zion’s NPS site before you do so you have the most up-to-date information you need to make plans.

  17. Enter the park early. Skip long lines to get into the park by arriving early – shoot before 7 AM for the shortest lines!

  19. Stick to trails. The past few years, overeager adventurers have explored off trail and been injured and needed medical rescue. Protect yourself – and others – by adhering to marked trails unless you have extensive backcountry experience.
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