Meet Christina, an upcycler from Long Beach who is the maker behind our Puffy line, Trash bag, and the original Ranger Pack.



Why upcycle? How did you get into up cycling?


Growing up in my family’s tailoring shop I was fascinated with the fabric scraps bin. I saw more than a bin of waste, I saw beautiful pieces of fabric that still had value. As I progressed in my education that mindset stuck. When I was introduced to the concept of Sustainable Design at US Davis I knew it was the piece of the fashion industry I wanted to be part of and grow.


How do you make an upcycled product?


First step is sourcing what others consider waste, we can to do this closed loop with clients in which their own products come back to us then we make a new product. Or we matchmake a waste source with a client who wants an upcycled product. Once the client and the waste material are established we sample various products that fit the clients brand. Once the samples are approved we move into production then quality control and finally shipping.



What are the benefits of upcycling?


New and fresh products without extraction of virgin materials and the bonus of keeping the materials we’ve made out of the landfill for longer. There is also an element of fun and whimsy as items are reincarnated into new creative concepts.


When creating art related to the natural world, what most inspires you?


The idea that the Giant Sequoia trees have been part of their environment for hundreds and some thousands of years in amazing to me. I believe strongly in creating items that are timeless and creating longer life cycles for our products.



In thinking about the art you created for Parks Project, what message do you want to send with your work?


It’s possible to create out of waste and closed loop systems will allow us to have the variety and newness we crave with less pressure on our virgin resources.


How does “Leave It Better Than You Found It” related to you or your art?


For me it connects to the idea of living respectfully, not just when we are enjoying the outdoors for fun, but in our everyday lives, the work we choose, the products we bring home, and the causes we support.


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