San Francisco City Parks


San Francisco City Parks

Make the most out of your next trip to a San Francisco park with the ten tips below!

Feeling Artsy

De Young Museum

Bead to the de Young Museum, a must-visit spot in Golden Gate Park. This fine art museum has plenty to explore inside and out - take in fine art as you wander the museum itself, then head over to the Hamon Education Tower Observation Deck for great views of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Nautical Sence

Spreckels Lake

For a unique experience, head over to Spreckels Lake in Golden Gate Park to watch remote-controlled boats. Not really your scene? Visit the nearby Hellman's Meadow for a picnic.

Spot Bison

Golden Gate Park

Bet you didn't know you could spot bison in Golden Gate Park! Near Spreckels Lake, check out a paddock of American bison.

Get Your Groove On

Jerry Garcia Amphitheater

Located in Mcclaren Park, the Jerry Garcia Amphitheater is a Greek-style amphitheater that hosts a variety of outdoor concerts and events throughout the year with fantastic acoustics to boo.

Golf In A Park

Gleneagles Gold Course

Gleneagles Golf Course in McClaren Park is a nine-hole course that's widely considered a hidden jewel for its beautiful bay views and unique terrain.

Hike To A Summit

McLaren Park

You won't want to miss the labyrinth at the top of McLaren Park's highest point. With its basis in Greek mythology, the labyrinth is a maze-like structure that's sure to pique your interest.

For The Gram

Palace Of Fine Arts

The Palace of Fine Arts is one of the most photographed places in the city and is one of San Francisco's parks! You'll get to take in a stunning Greco-Roman style rotunda complete with a lagoon and swans!

Playground For The Eyes

Cayuga Playground

Quirky is the name of the game with Cayuga Playground, one of San Francisco's hidden park gems. A former gardener of the park took the park's naturalistic surroundings and turned them into works of art with themed gardens and wood carvings sure to delight.

Learn Something

Heron's Head Park EcoCenter

The EcoCenter at Hero s Head Park is a locus for environmental education with workshops and community groups all hosted in an off-the-grid facility powered by green technology.

For The Wonderer

Sunnyside Constervatory

Enjoy a wander through Sunnyside Conservatory, a hundred-year-old garden with a collection of drought-tolerant plants, succulents, and palms - the location also hosts cultural events for the community.

SF Parks Alliance


San Francisco, CA

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