Death Valley


Death Valley

Where to Stay

The Oasis at Death Valley

The Oasis has multiple property types including the Inn resort, the more family friendly Ranch, Casitas,
cottages, and a campground if you prefer to tent or bring your RV. All locations are near Furnace Creek,
a great jumping off point for exploring. If you prefer to camp, check out the numerous additional NPS campsites within the park—some of the others are even free! Please note Furnace Creek is the only one that has full-hookup campsites.

Where to hike

Badwater Salt Flats

Hike onto the salt flats at Badwater Basin to experience the lowest point in North America at 282 feet (86 meters) below sea level! This 1-mile out-and-back hike takes you to the edge of the salt flat; it’s a 5-mile trek to the other side of the flats one way. The hike itself is easy and flat (unless you go the further distance), but it's extremely important to remember how hot it gets here. Start early in the day, bring lots of water, and don’t attempt it when it’s too hot!

Must-See Landmark

Furnace Creek Thermometer

In front of the Furnace Creek Visitor Center you’ll find the famous thermometer display with the current temperature. Considering you’re visiting the hottest place on earth with a record temperature of 134 degrees F (57°C), you’ll need to check out what it is when you visit! Here you can also see a sign that shows the elevations within the park from Badwater Basin below sea-level all the way up to Telescope Peak.

Where to See Sunrise/Sunset

Zabriskie Point

This overlook will give you a striking view above the golden badlands and down into the valley below. As
the sun rises or sets, you’ll see the light change and move across the rugged hills.

Quintessential Scenic Drive

Artists Drive

This 9-mile one way road will take you through beautiful scenery and past Artists Palette. You’ll want to get out here and check out the magnitude of bright colors—yellow, blue, purple, and more. See the rainbow landscape from above or take a short stroll through the hills.

Secret Spot

Golden Canyon

Many walk through these bright yellow badlands; the trail either out and-back to the Red Cathedral, or as part of the longer Complete Circuit Loop, and it is a must-see in its own right. The real treat is the side canyons you’ll find throughout, which are easily passed by. Instead, stick your head into a few of them and follow the steep paths up through the winding passageways before returning back down.

Where to Refuel

The Ranch 1849 Restaurant

Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, here you can enjoy all-you-can-eat meals to fuel up from all your adventures at the park. You definitely won’t leave hungry! It’s located in the Town Square at the Ranch and kids under 5 eat free.

Where To Enjoy A Cold One

The Last Kind Words Saloon

Belly up to the bar and you can enjoy a drink while also enjoying the ambience of the Old West. The
saloon is decorated with lots of historic items that enhance the atmosphere, and make it a great place to relax with some local beer, wine, or whiskey after a long day.

Selfie Spot

Dantes View

You’ll get an overlook of the entire valley here at 5,575 feet (1,699 meters) above Badwater Basin. Though a bit of a further drive, it is well worth it for this sprawling, striking sight. Walk just a bit down the ridge and you’ll have the view practically to yourself.

Radical Activity

Go For A Run!

Each year you can run a marathon, half-marathon, or 10K in Death Valley National Park. The entire course is below sea level! If that’s not intense enough, there’s also an ultramarathon that you can work to qualify for and run 135 miles from Death Valley to Mt. Whitney, CA. Whew!

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