Yellowstone: From the Local Coffee Roasters


Yellowstone: From the Local Coffee Roasters

Where to Stay

Bridge Bay Campground

Bridge Bay Campground is a drive in campground located on the edge of Yellowstone Lake—the largest high elevation lake in North America. Kayakers can enter the lake via Bridge Bay Marina to explore the lake and its many thermal features. Watch out for bison in the early mornings, you might wake up to one sharing your campsite.

Where to hike

Lone Star Geyser

Yellowstone is home to 900 miles of hiking trails—choosing just one is a difficult task. For an amazing view of more secluded thermal features, make the 5.3 mile trek to the secluded Lone Star Geyser. Hit the trail early to avoid crowds, but make sure to check the eruption schedule, otherwise, you'll be waiting another 3-4 hours for the next eruption. It's well worth the walk as Lone Star can erupt up to 50 feet into the air!

Must-See Landmark

Old Faithful

Old Faithful is a must-see in Yellowstone. Despite the crowds, it's worth it. Named for its reliability, the geyser erupts every 44 minutes to 2 hours. Old Faithful geyser basin is home to several geysers, thermal pools, and other features. While killing time before the next eruption, check out the Old Faithful Visitor center to learn the inner workings of America's most famous geyser.

Where to See Sunrise/Sunset

Canyon of the Yellowstone

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone is the perfect place to catch the first rays of sunshine. Bring layers and a cup of coffee to watch the sunrise from Artist Point. From this viewpoint, you'll have amazing views of the canyon and Lower Falls.

Quintessential Scenic Drive

Firehole Canyon

Carved out by geothermal lava flow, the canyon is home to many swimming pools and waterfalls. Traversing the canyon is one of the best ways to begin your Yellowstone adventure. We recommend it as one of your first stops when entering the park from West Yellowstone.

Secret Spot

Lamar Valley

A not-so-secret but usually overlooked section of Yellowstone is the Lamar Valley. Home to amazing wildlife and incredible views, the Lamar Valley is the best place in Yellowstone to spot wolves. Drive along the winding river valley but keep your eyes peeled for wolf watchers. These folks are experts at finding the elusive Yellowstone wolf packs. Pull up and watch one of the most amazing species in the park in the wild. If you’re feeling adventurous, continue to Cooke City and Beartooth Pass for seriously jaw-dropping views as far as the Tetons!

Where to Refuel

Treeline Coffee Roasters

Swing by a Bozeman staple for some seriously good coffee. Treeline roasts in the cafe, so you know it's super fresh. Make sure to snag a few Geos for the easiest on-the-go coffee to fuel your Yellowstone adventures. Our drink of choice? A pour-over from Treeline's rotating menu.

Where To Enjoy A Cold One

The Lake’s Edge

Grab a six-pack and kick up your feet on the edge of Yellowstone lake. We recommend finding a local brewery (we love MAP in Bozeman) on your way into the park. The area is home to many micro-breweries so you're sure to find one you love Enjoy your beer with a view and you might even spot Yellowstone river otters.

Selfie Spot

Grand Prismatic Hot Spring

One of Yellowstone's most famous landmarks, Grand Prismatic is a beautiful rainbow of colors that stretches across Midway Geyser Basin. The best selfie spot is a short walk along the Fairy Falls hiking trail. From here you'll get panoramic views of the iconic springs. Don't forget to stay on the path! No picture is worth destroying the natural beauty of the park...

Radical Activity

Horseback Riding

Saddle up and experience Yellowstone on horseback. Those looking for a true Western experience will love the uniqueness of horseback riding. There are tons of options for rides both inside and outside the park boundaries Make sure you book well in advance as these tours fill up fast.

Treeline Coffee Roasters


Bozeman, MT

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