Yellowstone: From the Bear Biologist


Yellowstone: From the Bear Biologist

Where to Stay

Old Faithful Inn

If you are staying in Yellowstone National Park, there are a lot of really great options. My personal favorite is the Old Faithful Inn. This historic structure was built in the early days of the park and is walking distance from a lot of the best geothermal hot spots!

Where to hike

Mr. Bubbles

There are tons of great hikes in the park, but one of the best if you have the time is the hike to Mr. Bubbles. At the end of this hike you'll be able to sit in geothermal pools underneath a beautiful waterfall. Doesn't get much better than that!

Must-See Landmark

Old Faithful Geyser

If you can brave the crowds, you really should go see Old Faithful geyser. The geyser lives up to its name and about every hour and ten minutes it erupts hundreds of feet into the air.

Where to See Sunrise/Sunset

Gull Point Drive

For sunrise, I recommend Gull Point Drive on the shores of Yellowstone Lake. For Sunset, the lake is also probably your best option, but I would drive to MaryBay on the East side of the lake.

Quintessential Scenic Drive

Lamar Valley

It's pretty hard to beat the drive from Mammoth out to the Lamar Valley. It's also one of the drives in the park whereyou have the best chances of seeing black and grizzly bears, as well as wolves, coyotes, bison, elk and pronghorn.

Secret Spot

Fawn Lake

Fawn lake is a hike, but it has a very unique feel to it and some pretty great fishing. Worth the trip if you don't mind a bit of a walk. Make sure you give wildlife plenty of space when you are watching or photographing them! Keep Yellowstone as wild as possible!

Where to Refuel

Canyon Gift Shop Diner

Each of the developed areas in Yellowstone have restaurants, but my personal favorite is the retro themed diner within the Canyon gift shop. Great spot for a burger and milkshake.

Where To Enjoy A Cold One

Yellowstone Hotel Lounge

Check out the Lake Yellowstone Hotel lounge for a great spot to have a nightcap while admiring the beautiful scenery of Yellowstone lake.

Selfie Spot

Lookout Point

It may be a spot in Yellowstone where everyone takes a selfie, but there's a good reason that Lookout Point shows up in so many photos. It's a beautiful view of the massive lower Yellowstone falls, and shouldn't be missed.

Radical Activity


Try Kayaking the shore of Yellowstone Lake. It's a great way to see relatively untouched parts of the park and potentially some cool wildlife too. Just be careful because the lake can get windy very quickly and the huge waves can be really dangerous for kayakers.

Wes Larson


Yellowstone NP

Bear Biologist

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